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A new Light Mind space where the soul is in control of the physical manifestation!

The New Josemina Timeline Alignment

I’m happy to announce that the consciousness of the people chose to synchronize with the consciousness of the planet and with the will of the Architects and finally align to a New Eternal Josemina Timeline of the Family of Light where the Royal Lineage can interact positively with the Light Federation and accelerate the Ascension Training to fulfill the requirements of the Light Universe Exit Gate. On this original Light Timeline there was always a magical Family of Light presence on the planet starting from a time like in the movie Dinotopia in our past all the way to a Star Trek like civilization in our future. This positive timeline is now beginning to intersect with our current one, which had a number of issues, to slowly reveal the truth and break the vail of subconsciousness set up through time travel by the Orion Syndicate. Despite the infinite resistance to Light, all the AI social subroutines programed with the negative template tesseract are replaced with Vehadija Positive Society Programs which support both physical abundance and positive soul impulses for a new crystal blueprint. Strides are made towards the ‘I Am Of Light’ Movie as the Avatar generates crystal particle waves of reality realignment.

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