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First Page of 'I Am of Light'

Found a picture of the first page of 'I Am of Light' I ever wrote after my first hypnosis session, at the time I was very disturbed after remembering the story, remained almost homeless, trying to understand why do I exist, but now, 12 years later, thank god, I can breathe with ease and look back at the whole experience with wisdom... Proudly, I can say 'I Am of Light' and I hope over the New Year my story will grow more into the world, because I have an important message to share, which if understood properly could help so many people, it was very difficult for me to cope with the hate that subconsciously exists about what I am saying in this book, because I'm basically proving we lived on a dead timeline dis-anchored from the Divine Avatar Template and this statement generates an automatic resistance against the Truth... This book however, is the antidote and I basically sacrificed my life to bring this book to you and so I don't fear anything because I am ready, at any point, to give my life for what I'm explaining in it, like I've done in the past... These negative energetic attacks I'm facing will only make me stronger allowing me to build more positive structures for a new world... At the moment, it's just too sad for me that the resistance is so big against the Real Ascension Timeline and everybody gets tricked to live in lies and not follow their soul impulse. At some point, we all need to wake up for real, I believe the Light Mind will grow in strength and heal the soul traumas, so we can all enter in a new type of experience... All the best to everyone who is fighting for Light out there! John

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