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A new Light Mind space where the soul is in control of the physical manifestation!

Conscious Ownership Vehadija Independence Day Nov 11 2019

The Reality Field of the Planet is alive and it’s a protoplasm fluid like being similar to the concept presented in the movie Princess Mononoke. Soon after the Architects sealed the Light Continuum Particle between the books ‘I Am Of Light’ and ‘One Million Dollar Soul’, the Reality Field manifested the virus to represent a program which would update people’s minds to have the ability to read and understand the books. The Vehadija Family owns the Universe and the Planet, so what we have been going through is a nightmare proportional to the distortion resisting this fact, however we are reaching the point when it is clearing, to begin a new type of conscious life. During this time Charles and I worked very hard to write new reality programs and create networks of interactions which will heal the soul structures and balance the money situation on the Planet. So there is no need to fear, but it has been a long and tedious process of clearing! You all now live on our Josemina Exit Timeline, as a result the Illuminati Syndicate has been sued under the INYTH Light Template Law System and ruled to be given Ascension Product Contracts or leave the Planet through Divine Ordinance self-suicide death. Also the Architects activated the positive consciousness of the Jecardton Exit City which will help financially and spiritually anybody in need at this time. Due to the past Orion Grey Contract that the Planet has made in the 1920s we are still experiencing a huge consciousness gap between the language and vocabulary needed to understand reality updates and what people normally talk about, but this gap can be closed by reading our books and by studying our work. We all now live under the protection of the Avatar Template Disk Light Seal to clear our lives and evolve for Ascension into a new Universe of Light. Peace and Love to All!

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